Welcome to my website, this was designed with the goal of being my portfolio website. I put a lot of stuff on here, and I update it every once-in-a-while. That's all I can think of to put here, check out the other pages for more content. If you're here for free software, just go up there to the nav bar and click the "Free Software" link.

Current Projects:


A game engine being developed based on Godot and Hazel. Written in C++.

Facility 13

An FPS Game being developed in Unity. (Short-Term Project)

Offroad Evolution

An Offroad Racing game. (Long-Term Project).

Modding Projects:

Blain County Callouts

A callouts Plugin for LSPDFR (A Police Mod made by G17 Media for GTA V). This is my current modding project, click the image to view the LCPFR.COM page for the project. Note: I am still developing this, it's just that development is slow, since I can't find much information on the API. The next date for updating this is TDB (To Be Determined).

Website Projects:

JS Tutorials

A community website where people can make written Tutorials for Unity, powered by wikidot. The project is on hold (I need to create more tutorials to get anyones attention).